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Your frequently asked questions

Is Cubyn only available for France and Spain shipments?
Our warehouses are located in France and Spain but we ship worldwide. For me details on our international prices, contact our team.
Do I have to pay for the integration of my e-commerce stores?
Our software fee includes the connection of 2 e-commerce aps among our current list of integration.
In case of change (number of orders, new destinations, additions delivery modes...), is a new quote necessary?
No, Cubyn provides you with a free quote for your first use. The bills then automatically adjust depending on your use of the service.
Does Cubyn bill the cardboard boxes?
No, with Cubyn, there is no cost per carton, regardless of the amount of cardboard needed.
Do storage costs change according to storage modes (pallet, shelves, boxes etc.)?
No, all your items are weighed and measured upon reception and are charged at a single cost per item stored, depending on the duration of storage.
How does billing work?
You receive your detailed invoice on the 1st of the month, and are invoiced on the 15th, for all shipments of the previous month. Discounts are calculated automatically based on the actual number of parcels shipped.

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