Pallet fulfillment solution to grow your B2B sales

Fast, reliable and cost-effective pallet fulfillment solution for pallets. Ideal for delivering to your partner and sell your products in a physical store

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Deliver to your customers on a specific time slot

Thanks to our automated picking, direct pallet carrier injection and smart carrier allocation, we can prepare and deliver your pallet in less than 2 days. Because every recipient has its own requirements and opening hours, you can deliver it within a 3h delivery slot.

Your pallets shipping covered and guaranteed

Your pallet deliveries are covered up to 50K€ in case of lost or damaged items

A customizable pallet and box labelling to fit your B2B deliveries requirements

Each of your recipient have differents delivery requirements. Our platform easily let you customize the way you want to build your pallet and also let you upload the label of your choice on both the pallet and boxes.

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