Cubyn Prep Service : why is Cubyn the best partner for online cosmetics sellers?

Cubyn Prep Service : why is Cubyn the best partner for online cosmetics sellers?

Between April 2019 and April 2020, e-commerce sales of cosmetics grew by 73% and more than 30% of consumers say they have purchased at least one cosmetic product online during 2020, making the beauty sector the fourth largest e-commerce market by number of customers. (source: The NPD Group)

Selling on the Internet when you are a cosmetic brand thus seems more and more natural and attractive, but you have to keep in mind that the logistic management of such products can be complex, and that being accompanied by the right partner is essential to succeed.

What are the stakes involved in managing the logistics of an e-commerce cosmetics business?

Managing efficiently the logistics of cosmetic products requires a certain expertise as the transport and logistic treatment of this type of items can be quite complex, with various issues such as:

  • Seasonality. The sector is subject to significant seasonality, with important fluctuations from one period of the year to another. Peaks are frequent during the holiday season, and new product launches often generate significant increases in sales. Having a solid partner to support this growth is therefore a major challenge for online sales sites in the sector.

  • Traceability. The market value of cosmetic products can be significant, which makes the issue of theft central. It is necessary for e-merchants to be able to rely on a service provider that guarantees traceability and precise tracking of orders, as well as insurance coverage to deal with this eventuality.

  • Security. Cosmetics are products that may contain hazardous or flammable substances, for which the regulatory framework is the ADR. It is therefore essential to ensure that the carriers and logistics partners chosen are aware of these regulations in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Fragility. The issue of product handling is a key factor in the success of a cosmetics e-commerce. Indeed, goods are generally sensitive, and often packaged in containers that can be fragile (glass jars, plastic cans prone to breakage etc.). This is one of the main issues of success and it is advisable to ensure that your provider has this aspect in mind: what are the packaging options offered? Which packaging for which products? Is it necessary to pre-pack goods before sending them to the warehouse?

  • The importance of the customer experience. This last point ties in with the previous one: with social networks and the emergence of DNVBs, buyers are increasingly demanding about delivery. Shipments must be particularly careful, especially because the cosmetics industry is a very competitive market, which pushes brands to stand out, and it is even more true considering the visibility that brands enjoy on the internet today. It is therefore important to pay special attention to the quality of the shipments, and to the cleanliness of the packaging in particular, in addition to its solidity.

Cubyn understands these challenges: nearly a third of our customers are already in the cosmetics industry today. The reason they trust Cubyn is that we take these issues into account and take special care of product preparation, thanks in part to our Cubyn Prep Service.

The main fear of e-merchants in the cosmetics sector when it comes to e-commerce shipments is the risk of breakage and damage to products. This is indeed a major issue that affects both the profitability of the business - sending back products and managing customer returns in case of breakage has a significant cost - and the image of the brand.

To relieve e-merchants of this concern and avoid the time-consuming task of protecting products before they are sent to the warehouse, Cubyn has developed Cubyn Prep Service, a pre-storage protection option that minimizes the risk of product damage not only during shipment but also before and during storage.

This option increases the product protection during the whole logistic process and guarantees a better customer experience, ensuring safer shipments.

Consequences for e-retailers:

  • An increase in customer satisfaction 💯

  • Significant savings on product returns and potential refunds 💰

  • The ability for merchants to focus on their core business only: selling and growing their brand. 🚀

Cubyn Prep Service: how does it work?

In practical terms, Cubyn Prep Service is an option available to all e-merchants: upon reception of goods at the warehouse, items marked as fragile and requiring prior protection are prepared before being stored according to the options requested by the customer.

Several options exist to ensure safe shipments:

  • The use of bubble wrap to protect the items, particularly useful for products packaged in glass jars or glass bottles.

  • The possibility of taping the caps, which is perfect for bottles and flasks to avoid leaks during handling and transportation of the products.

  • The use of a bag protection, which guarantees that the products will be clean and the packaging immaculate when received by your final customer.

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