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The delivery guarantee the e-commerce needed

In the past years the E-commerce payment experience evolved a lot and became fast and secure. This trust in payment increased global e-commerce sales volume. In the meantime, the shipping experience is a headach for the consumer. We are never sure of if and when we will receive receive our order. This is why we created our Cubyn Trust banner.

Cubyn Trust

Cubyn Trust

The Cubyn Trust logo is the label that guarantees a fast and secure delivery. Let your customer know that you are working with the best delivery solution and use our ready-made marketing assets (banner, logo, Cubyn Trust...)

Cubyn Trust

Delivered on time or refunded 6€

Shoppers expect to be delivered on time and a late delivery can put them into trouble.

Choosing Cubyn as a delivery solution is choosing the best level of service and receiving its parcel on time.

With Cubyn Trust, your customer is delivered on time or paid back 6€ as a compensation.

Cubyn Trust

Order never received or damaged : refunded up to 1000€

If your customer is not delivered or if the product is damaged, we offer the possibility to be sent another product or be refunded.

Give shoppers the assurance to be delivered.

Boost your client satisfaction.

How we help e-commerce


Rate delivery cost as the most important criteria for delivery.


Basket drop slow deliveries


Rate reliable delivery as the most important criteria for delivery

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