Selling on Fnac marketplace: why and how?

Selling on Fnac marketplace: why and how?

Discover in this article what characterizes this marketplace, its competitive advantages and the steps to follow to be able to sell your items there.

Selling on Fnac marketplace: what are the specificities?

The e-commerce platform was launched in 2009 and now has more than 40 million references in 50 categories of new, reconditioned or second-hand products. In 2016, Fnac acquired the specialist in small and large household appliances, Darty. Although belonging to the same group, the brands offer their respective marketplaces. However, they share the same specificities, such as the Quality Charter and the prices. To sell on the Fnac marketplace, two types of fees are applicable: - The subscription, at 39,99€ / month - A variable commission depending on the product category

Why sell on Fnac marketplace? The advantages

Marketplaces are differentiated by their popularity, their leading sectors, their rates and commissions, etc. To know if selling on Fnac marketplace is for you, we detail the advantages. Our e-commerce logistics solution Cubyn offers a complete, multi-platform fulfillment solution. We don't favor any particular marketplace or CMS and provide a unique quality of service for all platforms, including Fnac Darty. Find out why you should choose Cubyn.

The reputation of Fnac Darty

Fnac Darty is the second most visited French e-commerce site, with 36 million active customers. By publishing your items on the marketplace, you reach a large number of potential consumers.

Visibility of third-party sellers

For items sold by both Fnac and third-party sellers, the offers are displayed side-by-side and therefore benefit from the same visibility; the sorting is then done on the basis of price.

The variety of products

The strength of the store is that it brings together the references of Fnac and Darty. As a result, the categories of products available are numerous. We can find, without exhaustiveness, high-tech, garden and do-it-yourself, multimedia, childcare, second-hand or even household items. It is therefore highly likely that your products can be sold on the Fnac Darty marketplaces.

Advantageous rates

In order to sell on Fnac marketplace, it is first necessary to subscribe to a unique subscription of 39,99€ / month. With this pricing, Fnac is in the low end of the competition, alongside Amazon and Cdiscount. In addition, for some product categories, the company has lower commissions than the competition. You can find non-exhaustive examples in the table below:

It should be noted that these percentages change regularly, depending on the competition.

Finally, by selling on Fnac-Darty's marketplaces, you don't have any fees other than the subscription and the commission. In comparison, Amazon applies a management fee of at least 30ct/item for a large majority of its products as well as a closing fee of 61ct/item for the "multimedia" category. The same is true for other marketplaces, such as Rakuten, Cdiscount or Ebay.

How to sell well on Fnac marketplace? In 3 steps

#1 The prerequisites

Before starting a store on the Fnac marketplace, it is essential to meet a certain number of conditions. You must - Be registered with the RCS of companies; - Provide an after-sales service in French; - Respect the legislation regarding the VAT; - Know the B2C circuit; - Comply with quality indicators (see step #3).

#2 Good practices for selling on Fnac marketplace

Fnac is transparent in detailing its "best practices". It is recommended to follow them in order to benefit from a good visibility on the platform. The table below details them:

#3 Quality indicators to respect

The Fnac Darty Marketplaces Quality Charter details 4 criteria with which the seller must comply: 1. Ratings: average customer rating above 4.5/5 2. Acceptance rate: higher than 95%. 3. Complaint rate: less than 5%. 4. Spontaneous refund rate: less than 5%.

Fulfilling these criteria allows the seller to access the Buybox (and therefore to sell) and to benefit from additional advantages in terms of visibility, such as top seller status. Moreover, if the quality indicators are not met, Fnac may decide to suspend the seller's account.

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