Why amOseeds chose Cubyn to support its growth?

Why amOseeds chose Cubyn to support its growth?

AmOseeds is a French super-food brand base in Franche-Comté (France). The brand was designed to be ethical and working with the right partners has always been part of their concerns, that’s why logistics management matters to them. The brand celebrates its first year of existence and since the beginning, they have been growing steadily. After working with several 3PL companies, they started working with Cubyn and now have the feeling they have found the right partner to keep on growing and to guarantee utmost satisfaction to their customers.

We met Loïc Dibon, CEO and founder.

Before Cubyn: non-centralized logistics and quality issues 

AmOseeds was born by the end of 2019. From the very start of the adventure, the business was successful and it quickly became necessary to outsource the logistics part in order to be able to manage a significant number of orders while ensuring client satisfaction. This is all the more important in amOseeds’ case, as their products are sold on their own website as well as on several marketplaces. Having multiple sales channels obviously allows e-merchant to sell more,  but it also comes with its share of challenges. Nonetheless, amOseeds quite naturally turned to marketplace fulfilment such as Cdiscount Fulfillment or Amazon FBA.

Quickly enough though, the limits of such logistics solutions started to appear: stock in several locations, limited shipping volumes with each partner which necessarily limits potential discounts, several commercial relationships to manage etc. The idea was thus to emancipate from marketplaces fulfillment services and to benefit from centralized logistics to increase efficiency

Moreover, Loïc found out that the quality of service was not as good as it hoped while working with his previous partners: delays and non-delivered parcels were quite common and implied to manage disputes and litigations with numerous interlocutors (marketplaces logistics services, carriers etc.)

Those poor delivery performances were not representative of amOseeds brand image and standards. Given the development of the brand since the launch in 2019, changing logistics management became a real stake after a few months, in order to support the business’ growth.

Loïc hence started to enquire about the several logistics solutions and got in touch with a lot of 3PL providers in order to compare what they have to offer. He had specific criteria in mind: 

  • Cost-efficency : the brand wants to offer attractive prices to their customers but super-foods are quite heavy products, hence making it important to have a powerful logistics.  

  • Top-notch quality of service and various delivery methods: 45% of amOseeds’ shipments were pick-up point deliveries. Being able to keep on offering this delivery method to their customers was thus a major issue to shift from their current logistics organisation.

  • Powerful integration and a clear interface to avoid a time-consuming management.

Implementation of Cubyn: a smooth and quick transition

Among all the logistics partners contacted initially, Cubyn is the one that most attracted their attention and in less than a week, the partnership was set-up. Loïc remembers that the transition was very quick and simple: when collaboration was initiated, a dozen pallets were shipped to the warehouse and all the products were put in stock in 24 hours, without any error. The first parcels were sent the day after that. 

Loïc particularly values this aspect of the service and keeps on experiencing it for each replenishment: 

It guarantees some security when it comes to inventory management: we ship a box or a pallet and the day after that, we are certain that all the items are in stock.

The tech and integration matters, which were one of amOseeds criteria, are also a major differentiating factor: the Shopify plug-in is easy to set up and does not necessitate any development nor external application, which made the implementation of the service even easier. “This is a big added bonus”, Loïc says. 

A better quality of service and lower bills

After several months of use, Loïc observes a substantial increase in terms quality of service, which was the whole point of his logistics shift: delivery SLA’s are now reached and shipments are quick with almost no delivery failures.

Yet, this quality improvement is not accompanied by a price increase. It is quite the contrary: in the very first days of using the service, Loïc already noted a saving of about €1 per parcel shipped, which is anything but insignificant when you ship several thousands of orders per month. 

Pricing is clear and transparent - there is no additional cost for the plug-in set-up or the display of the pick-up points map for instance, which was the case with other 3PL companies. Moreover, the pricing automatically evolves based on the volume shipped: there’s no need for Loïc to contact his Account Manager to negotiate better rates, as the discounts are automatically calculated at the end of each month depending on the actual number of orders shipped. Since the beginning of the collaboration, amOseeds already benefited from a greater discount, which makes the bill even lower.  

Billing information can be checked easily on Loïc’s Shipper App - which he finds very intuitive and clear -  as well as his real-time inventory, parcel tracking and tickets managing for any issues or delivery failure. Customer Service management was also an aspect that needed to be improved according to Loïc regarding his previous experiences with logistics partners: with Cubyn, litigation management can be done directly on his personal interface, with a ticket system that leads to a quick resolution. This is a big added plus for Loïc, who appreciates the responsiveness of the Customer Service. 

A long-term collaboration that makes amOseeds confident in their growth 

AmOseeds can now count on a growth partner for the future. According to Loïc, they probably could have reached this shipping volume with another logistics partner, but they would have had more difficulties keeping on growing exponentially after that and would have been forced to restrain their ambitions

Shipping volumes should moreover double in 2021 and it would have been hard to keep on scaling their business with their previous logistics partner. Today, Loïc sees a bright future for amOseed's: he knows he has a solid logistics organisation thanks to Cubyn and can now focus on developing the product range and growing the business

More than a simple business deal, what Cubyn and amOseeds have developed is a collaboration: Loïc is confident in the fact that Cubyn will support its growth and he appreciates the transparency and visibility he has on the company’s next projects and further developments. He identifies in the values and culture of his logistics partner: 

Cubyn is a tech company that is always improving, it is a human-sized organisation where things are permanently questioned and challenged.

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