[Ebook] How to make delivery a growth lever?

[Ebook] How to make delivery a growth lever?

E-commerce has exploded in recent years and is a real opportunity for retailers. How to take advantage of this trend for your business? How can you stand out from the competition and meet the new requirements of e-consumers? Cubyn gives you the keys to set up a delivery strategy that will boost your conversions. Download the guide!

E-commerce delivery: make or break

E-consumers are becoming more and more numerous in France - and their requirements concerning logistics and delivery are increasingly high. 

It's a simple fact: unsatisfactory delivery is the number one cause of shopping cart abandonment and unfulfilled purchases. In addition to losing sales opportunities, a poor delivery experience will taint your brand image and negatively impact your customers' loyalty...

In order to gain sales and differentiate themselves, it is now imperative for e-tailers to offer optimal delivery quality.

A complete guide to optimize your logistics and gain in conversion

Through this guide, we help you to better understand your customers and their expectations: delivery costs, delivery times, reliability, stock visibility, eco-responsibility... You will know which are the key factors of loyalty and the means to be deployed to make your logistics a growth lever. By downloading this ebook, you will be able to: 

  • detect your customers' blocking points, and remove them; create an optimal user experience, before, during and after the purchase;

  • create an optimal user experience, before, during and after the purchase;

  • optimize your inventory management

  • communicate transparently on your delivery processes, and with the right methods;

  • offer greener logistics;

  • generate new business opportunities;c

  • choose the right logistics partner to help you grow;

Discover concrete - and easily achievable - tips, tricks and best practices to optimize your delivery strategy and build customer loyalty. We'll help you outperform the competition and grow your business, long-term.

Download the guide!

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