Cubyn introduces a very competitive pricing for its early adopters in Spain

Cubyn introduces a very competitive pricing for its early adopters in Spain

Cubyn’s new Early Bird pricing for Spain in a nutshell:

  • On average 20% cheaper than what the market can offer

  • No fixed fee

  • No platform fee

  • No entrance fee

  • Transparent and simple pricing:

    • A storage fee from 15 days of storage

    • A picking fee above one item per order

    • An all inclusive-fee per order shipped (reception, inbound, picking of the first item, order preparation, packing and shipping)

Cubyn in figures:

  • Storage capacity of 40,000m2 across Europe

  • 2 self-operated Fulfillment centers

  • 3000 orders processed per hour

  • More than 3 million orders shipped in 2020

  • 300 customers across the world

  • 98% of orders delivered on time* 

  • 0,04% of packages damaged*

*Cubyn’s KPI as of week 46 of 2021

Cubyn introduces and ultra-competitive pricing offer for its early adopters in Spain 

In June 2021, Cubyn opened a new warehouse in Spain. The processes already proven in the French warehouses have been replicated to ensure a quality of service at least equivalent.

While our cost structure was already simple, transparent and competitive, we decided to launch a special offer in addition for all our Spanish early adopters.

Cubyn’s base cost structure contrasts already with that of most logistics providers and is characterized by:

  • No fixed fee, no platform fee, no entrance fee

  • A simple cost with three components:

    • An all-inclusive fee which depends on the weight and destination of the parcel (including reception, inbound, picking of the first item, order preparation, packing, shipping fee and the first ever delivery guarantee)

    • A storage fee applicable from 15 days of storage

    • A picking fee above one item per order

  • No unpleasant surprises: nothing to pay upfront. You are invoiced on the 15th of the month following the beginning of the collaboration, only for the orders that have actually been shipped and the space actually occupied in the warehouse, nothing more than that.

  • A virtuous circle approach. Our Cubyn flywheel affects prices positively: the more volume we handle, the more control we have on our cost structure, the better our products, and  the lower the price for our customers.

For its Spanish early bird customers, Cubyn goes further with an exclusive offer and even more competitive rates, guaranteed until the end of 2022 for any commitment between now and the first quarter of 2021.

New specific discounts are offered, making our prices on average almost 20% lower than what merchants are experiencing on the market.

An attractive pricing structure enabled by the tech leverage through our delivery network and our top-notch performance

This ultra-competitive price structure is mostly made possible by our operational excellence and semi-automated processes that allow us to constantly lower our prices while offering an excellent quality of service.

Our Spanish warehouse - which is located in Madrid - has a total surface of 10,000m2 that offers a strong storage capacity and allows receiving thousands of SKUs each day. At the same time, the in-house technologies developed by Cubyn ensure an important daily shipping capacity. Overall, Cubyn’s warehouses have a capacity of 3000 orders processed per hour.

Thanks to our proprietary Operating System (OS) based on artificial intelligence, optimization is made possible at each stage of the process: 

  • Accurate performance monitoring thanks to our Cubyn Connect suite (compatible with all e-commerce platforms) which allows for more visibility and more opportunities to sell your products with the same effort.

  • Storage optimization thanks to a stochastic storage method that maximizes effective storage capacity, speeds up the operation and drastically reduces the risk of error.

  • Picking optimization via algorithms which allows for ultra-short picking paths.

  • Delivery optimization thanks to our CarrierPredict algorithm that finds the most effective carrier for each parcel depending on various factors (destination, weight, real time data from the carriers, previous carriers' performance etc.)

Thanks to this approach, the more volume we have to handle, the more efficient our network is and the better our performances become, unlike those of many other logistics providers.

We are confident enough in our performance to:

  1. Offer the first ever delivery guarantee: any order delivered late will entitle the consumer to a refund of €5. If an order is lost, damaged or incomplete, Cubyn will send back the products concerned or fully reimburse the consumer (value of the order + shipping costs)

  2. Share our performance transparently, which is why we will start displaying this data on a weekly basis on our website very soon. In the meantime, this info is available on demand.

Cubyn continuously leverages shipping data from millions of packages to improve customer satisfaction for both e-merchants and consumers. This approach has proven its effectiveness both in France and Spain - where warehouses are located - and Cubyn now counts nearly 300 happy customers around the world.

Become one of them by contacting us and discover our pricing in full transparency on our online price simulator to get a sneak peak of it! 👀

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