Packing Studio

Promote your brand with custom packaging

Custom packaging is the ultimate memorable unboxing experience solution. Increase loyalty, user generated content and drive revenue with on-point experience.

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Cardboard conception

Cardboard design

With our packaging partners, you can design on our online editor your own cardboard in only a few minutes, selecting size, color and customized text.

Branded access 299€ / month

Cardboard sourcing

You request your packages and we handle sustainable and renewable sourcing

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Cardboard replenishment

Manage your stock of custom cardboard and re-order easily your favorite designs

  • Included

Cardboard fulfillment

Cardboard picking

With a capacity of 20 000 items picked per hour in our automated warehouse you have the guarantee to have a fulfillment solution that help you grow.

0.20€ / order

Order packing

Selection of packing reference to best fit your products and offer a delivery damage rate < 0.15%.

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Smart packaging rules

Target the right audience with smart rules configuration in only a few clicks.

3 rules included

Additional rule : 99€ / month