Cubyn to launch 'Branded Fulfillment': enhance customer satisfaction thanks to customized packages

Cubyn to launch 'Branded Fulfillment': enhance customer satisfaction thanks to customized packages

Discover in this article the new offer of package customization designed for e-merchants. ⬇️

Offering a personalized receiving experience is the guarantee to differentiate yourself from your competitors. With the rise of social shopping and the proliferation of DNVBs, the package received by the final recipient is often the only touch point between the e-merchant and the buyer.

Cubyn understands these challenges and will soon be launching its 'Branded Fulfillment' personalization service. Using this service for e-retailers has multiple benefits: 1️⃣ Increase your brand awareness. 2️⃣ Set you apart from your competitors and create a unique inbound experience. 3️⃣ Boost your customers' satisfaction and thus build loyalty.

The personalization service is based on 2 main axes:

  • Branded cardboards, that allow you design your own custom cardboards that fits the image of your brand.

  • Asilage, which gives the possibility of adding items to the parcels such as flyers, custom thank you notes, discount coupons or even goodies and samples.

With this new offer, Cubyn is more than ever the partner of growing e-businesses.

💡 Good to know: the Branded Fulfillment offer is bound to evolve over time, and new customization options should be released in the coming months... Stay tuned!

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